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Digital Inclusion

Find out what support is available for people who want to be more digitally included and organisations that support digital inclusion

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Digital Inclusion and our commitment

Digital Inclusion is about ensuring everyone has the ability, access, skills and motivation to take part in a modern digital life, and are able to take advantage of the benefits this brings. Almost every part of life has a digital element: using the NHS App, shopping online, connecting with loved ones. Meaning having access to digital devices, connectivity and skills is becoming increasingly essential.

Making the Liverpool City Region one of the most digitally connected and inclusive regions in the UK is a key pledge for Metro Mayor Steve Rotheram. As a city region, we are committed to ensuring that our residents have access to the skills and support needed to fully participate in an ever-evolving digital world. Find out about the support that’s on offer by clicking on the links below.

For those who need digital support

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In-Person Support

Find out where to access free internet, in-person support and digital equipment.

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Discounted Internet

Struggling to afford your internet? Find out if you could benefit from cheaper rates, known as a ‘Social Tariff’.

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Free Data

Struggling to afford enough mobile data? Find out how to access support.

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Staying Safe Online

Find out what steps to take to remain safe and vigilant online.

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Build Your Digital Skills

View a variety of resources to build your digital skills.

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Landline Switchover

The UK’s legacy landline network is being switched off by 2027. Find out how this affects you and what you need to be aware of.

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A map of the Local Authorities in Liverpool City Region. Each Local Authority is blocked out with a different colour.

Council Support

Find out about your local council’s digital service support.

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Case Studies

Read about the people we’ve supported and how this has benefitted their lives.

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For those who give digital support

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Digital Inclusion Network

Find out more about and join our Digital Inclusion Network.

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Funding for Organisations

Find out what funding may be available for your organisation.

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Digital Inclusion Initiative

Find out more about the Digital Inclusion Initiative.

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Become a Databank

Find out more and become a Databank through the National Databank.

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Digital Champions

Find out how to train as a Digital Champion and support people with their digital skills.

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Device Recycling

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