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Annual Review 2022/23

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A fairer, stronger, cleaner, connected, vibrant city region where no one is left behind

Our Annual Review for 2022/23 sets out the Combined Authority’s activities and achievements during the last 12 months. 

From large-scale regeneration projects to the first of the new, publicly owned train fleet coming into service, hydrogen buses, bus reform, job creation, fair employment, adult education, skills training, infrastructure and equalities, the Combined Authority kept the city region moving and delivered opportunity and success over the last year. 

Alongside its partners, the Combined Authority also continued to work towards its target for net-zero, provided cost-of-living support to hard-hit residents, and helped deliver a truly memorable Eurovision Song Contest that promises to boost the city region’s economy for years to come. 

Activity was guided by the three-year Corporate Plan’s key themes of creating a fairer, stronger, cleaner, connected and vibrant city region – with no-one left behind. 

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Foreword from the Mayor

Introducing this year’s Annual Review, Steve Rotheram, Mayor of the Liverpool City Region, says:

‘Since I was elected as Mayor of the Liverpool City Region, I’ve been working to build a fairer, more equitable future for the 1.6m people who call our area home – and the past 12 months have seen us move closer than ever to achieving

that ambition.

‘From the thousands of jobs, training and skills opportunities we’ve created, to the vital investments we’ve made to support our residents through the cost-of-living crisis, I’m incredibly proud of the progress we’ve made to transform people’s lives for the better.

‘At every step of this journey, our residents have been at the heart of our decision making. Because, for investment to mean anything, local people and communities have to feel its benefits.

‘As mayor, I am making sure that we are putting our money where our mouth is to help our people and businesses to thrive.

‘From the roll out of our new fleet of publicly owned £500m trains and hydrogen buses, to the launch of our £2 bus fares and the MyTicket frozen at £2.20, to the £70m we’ve invested in active travel and the progress we’re making towards reregulating our bus network – we’re well on our way towards building a London -style transport network that’s faster, cheaper, cleaner and better connected.

‘While transport – our trains, canals and docks – made us the gateway to the First Industrial Revolution, I want our strengths in wind, tidal and hydrogen to make us the leader of the Green Industrial Revolution.

We’ve got the potential to establish ourselves as the UK’s Renewable Energy Coast, ensuring that clean, predictable energy is in bountiful supply and that we smash through our target to be net zero by 2040 at the latest – at least a decade before national targets.

‘Working in partnership with our outstanding local universities, we are well on our way to establishing our area as an innovation powerhouse, which is why I have pledged to invest 5% of the region’s GVA in R&D over the coming years, almost double the UK government’s national targets.

‘We’re putting the infrastructure in place to provide the fastest internet speeds in the country through LCR Connect, a joint venture that is half publicly-owned. Meanwhile Mersey Tidal Power will give access to bountiful clean energy, generating enough clean, predictable power to meet local needs.

‘Looking to the future, I want to take advantage of our strengths – and potential – and turn them into profitable businesses, creating better, greener jobs and bringing greater prosperity to local people.

‘Ours is a region on the rise. As its mayor, I want to build a vibrant and inclusive Liverpool City Region that is the best place possible for the 1.6m people who live and work in our area to succeed – an area where no one is left behind.’

Steve Rotheram

Mayor of the Liverpool City Region

Delivering for the Liverpool City Region year after year

The Combined Authority’s plan to create a fairer, stronger, cleaner, connected, vibrant city region with no-one left behind is a long-term programme that will see benefits and improvements delivered over many years. 

Activity during the last 12 months built on progress made in 2021-22, as the world emerged from the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Highlights in 2021-22 included the opening of the Shakespeare North Playhouse, the regeneration of Kirkby Town Centre and the transformation of Runcorn’s Station Quarter. 

Here, you can read last year’s Annual Review to find out more about the Combined Authority’s achievements in 2021-22. 

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