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A Plan for Prosperity

Our long-term vision for delivering a fairer, stronger, cleaner Liverpool City Region with no-one left behind

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A big vision to bring prosperity for all people and communities in our region

Our Plan for Prosperity sets out a long-term vision for a fairer, stronger, cleaner Liverpool City Region – where no-one is left behind.

It provides a strategic framework for our future priorities, policy and investment decisions, and for our conversations with Government about how we work together, through devolution, to increase prosperity for all people and communities in our region.

The Plan for Prosperity explains how we will build on our unique economic strengths, tackle the challenges our region faces, and develop transformational policies to unlock economic growth and be a catalyst for the development of a clean and inclusive economy.

Based on strong evidence, the plan remains true to the principles of our draft Local Industrial Strategy and the extensive engagement with local people and businesses that underpinned it. It adapts to the changed socio-economic landscape that has followed the pandemic and reflects key changes within national policy, creating a common story for how we intend to position the Liverpool City Region both nationally and globally to make a big our region’s contribution to the whole UK’s economic prosperity.

The ‘prosperity’ we talk about within our plan flows from our vision and our plans to deliver it are set out in our Corporate Plans.

It is about much more than the traditional measures of economic growth.

It is about our 1.6 million people and our communities:

  • Improving personal health, wealth and opportunity
  • Creating thriving neighbourhoods and places
  • Fostering successful and productive businesses that create good quality employment
  • And a healthy and protected natural environment.

Taken together, the realisation of our opportunities and the range of priorities and actions set out in the plan will support the Liverpool City Region to deliver transformational change that will enhance our strengths, creating an economy that works for all people and places, and ultimately delivers shared prosperity for everyone.


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