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National Databank

Find out what the National Databank is and how you can access it.

A laptop open on a desk. The page the laptop has open is the Good Things Foundation's Databank webpage.

What is the National Databank?

The National Databank is like a food bank, but for internet connectivity data. Community organisations can apply to access the databank, enabling them to provide free data to people in their communities who need it.

Access free mobile data from the National Databank through a network of Good Things Foundation ‘Digital Inclusion Hubs’.

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I can’t afford my internet or phone – how can you help?

  • Many local libraries in Liverpool City Region are registered databanks – pop into your nearest branch, mention the Databank and they should be able to help you.
  • If you’re struggling to make ends meet and are not in work – consider contacting your nearest Ways to Work Team or Households into Work.
  • There are a range of community organisations registered as Databanks across the City Region – you can find your nearest Digital Inclusion Hub by clicking the button below.
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I’m an organisation – how do I become a Databank?

The National Databank is open to community organisations who are members of Good Things Foundation’s Online Centres Network. Joining the network is free and gives you access to support and resources. However, you are welcome to join just to access the National Databank.

You can find out more by joining one of our monthly Q&A sessions here, or by clicking the button below.

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