Network North Roads Resurfacing Fund

Made Possible by Reallocating High Speed 2 Funding

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Improving our roads

As part of the Network North commitment, the government recently announced additional funding for the Liverpool City Region of £2,684,000 for the financial year 2023/2024 and a further £2,684,000 for 2024/2025 for highways maintenance activities. The money will be used to fund road resurfacing, foot path improvements, pothole repairs and drainage works.

Improving our roads is a key priority for the Combined Authority and the six constituent Local Authorities of the Liverpool City Region (LCR).

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Technology and innovation

New technology and innovation continue to be used to improve the delivery of highways maintenance activities. This includes –

  • Taking part in the Department of Transport’s Live Labs 2 trials looking at new ideas to decarbonise the country’s highways and highways maintenance activities.
  • Using new Asset Management software and back-office systems.
  • Collecting highway condition data using SCANNER and Video technology to identify and prioritise investment.
  • Exploring and using alternative surfacing materials (including recycled materials) and preventative techniques to preserve and improve the life of road surfaces.
  • Installing smart multi-modal sensors (Viva City) both for monitoring and evaluation of transport schemes but also used as smart traffic signal detectors.
  • Partnering with Asphalt-IQ to undertake a pilot project that would assist in the development of its Road Surfacing Carbon Emissions Calculator and Smart Tag System.
  • Decarbonising in-house vehicle fleets and equipment to reduce the operational impact of carbon on the environment.
  • Starting to explore AI technology for data collection and modelling.
  • Using LED technology to improve traffic signals and street lighting.
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Planning of Street Works

The Local Authorities use all the powers available to them to avoid the repeated digging up of the same road by utility companies.

They do this through proactive and consistent planning of Street Works.  There is a well-established Street Works sub-group, attended by a representative from each of the Combined Authorities constituent local authorities. The primary purpose of the group is to promote and share best practice to enable the delivery of a high quality, consistent and value for money service across the region.  The group also assists in coordinating works cross boundary with neighbouring authorities such as Warrington and Lancashire.

All six constituent local authorities of the Combined Authority operate a Permit Scheme and programme works via the government’s ‘Street Manager’ website.

Regular meetings take place with the key Utility companies to look forward to coordinate planned utility works with planned highway improvements.  This forward planning supports ‘dig once’ principles that have successfully been deployed previously during the roll out of the LCR’s own full-fibre, ultrafast, gigabit-capable network spanning the region.

Where appropriate restriction notices are put in place for resurfacing schemes to ensure, as far as possible, that the newly surfaced roads cannot be disturbed for the maximum times permitted under the current regulations i.e. New Roads and Street Works Act 1991.

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