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Green Bus Routes

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Our mission

We’re on a mission to transform our bus network here in the Liverpool City Region. We are investing £32m as part of the Metro Mayor’s vision for a London style transport network, that is integrated accessible, reliable and affordable. Starting with our busiest route, 10A, which travels between St Helens, Knowsley and Liverpool.

So what’s happening?

  • 20 Hydrogen Buses
  • Smart traffic lights that go green for buses
  • Junction upgrades to get buses past traffic
  • Bus priority lanes
  • Bus stop and shelter upgrades

What are Green Bus Routes and what are the benefits?

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Faster more reliable bus routes

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Pedestrian and cycling facilities

Why we need Green Bus Routes…

Attractive bus services = more ticket sales = more buses = more bus journeys replacing cars = less congestion = less road accidents + better air quality + improved connectivity

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Possible measures could include:

Real Time Information on bus due times

Could include bus due real time information and solar power.

Junction & traffic signal improvements

To give priority to bus and increase traffic flow and safety of cyclists and pedestrians at intersections.

Boarders - built out bus stops

For easier passenger boarding and so buses don’t have to pull in/out of traffic – improving safety and journey speeds.

Road safety improvements

New facilities to help pedestrians and cyclists cross the road.

Bus lanes

Priority to buses/specified vehicles to run more reliably.


Reorganising parking, delivery and drop off

If needed, to better meet local needs and keep traffic moving.

Where it’s happening

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10A Bus Passenger Survey

We are conducting a short piece of research to understand present experiences and opinions of 10A bus passengers.

If you are a 10A bus passenger, please could you spare 5 minutes to complete the survey?

Your feedback will help shape improvement plans for the 10A bus route and help to monitor if, and how experiences and opinions change after any improvements are made.

Your responses will be treated in the strictest confidence, and you won’t be identified in any information. All information will be held strictly in line with UK GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018.


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Stay in touch

The 10A bus route is the first route in the region to be proposed for these changes.

We are in the process of developing plans for the 10A. When the plans are ready later this year, we will want your feedback to enable us to develop the plans further.

To stay in touch with the launch of the plans, view proposals and have your say, please click the button below.


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