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Training for Liverpool City Region Employers

Is your organisation experiencing skills gaps?

The Skills Bootcamps model will help employers play a leading role in the skills system by enabling you to fill skills gaps at a local level. You can encourage your existing staff to take a Skills Bootcamp, helping your business to fill skills gaps whilst also investing in retaining your people.

Alternatively, you could look to offer a job interview to an individual who completes a Skills Bootcamp and recruit new talent into your organisation.

Liverpool City Region Combined Authority will offer the Skill Bootcamps in the following sectors:

  • Construction
  • Digital
  • Green Skills
  • Pathways to Accelerated Apprenticeships
  • Rail
  • HGV
  • Engineering & Manufacturing
  • Health & Social Care
  • Creative Industries
  • Hospitality & Visitor Economy
  • Leadership & Management
  • Professional Services

Who can apply?

Employers who:

Have a workplace in the Liverpool City Region and:

  • Have existing employees who require upskilling to significantly develop their role responsibilities


  • Are looking to recruit new talent to fill skills gaps

What you’ll get

Opportunities to work with Liverpool City Region Combined Authority and training providers to input into the design and development of bespoke Skills Bootcamp training that meets the individual needs of your organisation.

Upskilling existing employees:

  • A Training Needs Analysis completed by one of our Skills Brokers
  • 90% of the skills training funded for SMEs
  • 70% of the skills training funded for larger employers
  • Existing employees who feel valued, with new skills to implement into your organisation

Looking to recruit new talent:

  • Access to new external candidates, freshly trained in the skills you need

What you’ll need to do

Upskilling existing employees:

  • Provide details of the skills you need for your existing employees
  • Offer of a new or enhanced role for a job that utilises the new skills acquired through the Skills Bootcamp

Looking to recruit new talent:

  • Work with our Skills Brokers to provide details of the skills your organisation is looking for
  • Agree to provide job interviews to an agreed number of candidates who have completed training
  • Interview people fairly and support their retention and development

Interested? Register here:

If you are interested in registering your organisation in Skills Bootcamp, head to the LCR Be More page.

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