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Economies for Healthier Lives

The Liverpool City Region Combined Authority, together with the University of Liverpool, Liverpool John Moores University, the City Region’s 6 local authorities, the city region’s 6 Public Health Departments and Jobcentre Plus worked collaboratively on the development of the programme and will continue to work collaboratively on its delivery. This collaboration will help ensure that work to tackle health inequalities across the city region, both that which is already happening and that which is being planned, is even better co-ordinated and that residents with a health condition who are seeking employment are better able to not only find it, but also sustain it.

The programme works closely with residents, employers and other key stakeholders to identify the challenges often faced by unemployed residents with a health condition who are seeking employment and the challenges faced by employed residents with a health condition who want to remain in employment. This approach will provide the opportunity for residents, employers and other key stakeholders to directly contribute to and influence the work undertaken by the programme, as it seeks to better understand the impact particular health conditions can have on the employment prospects of the individual. It will also help to identify simple, inexpensive and practical steps that can be taken by the resident and the employer to overcome these challenges.

For more information about the Economies for Healthier Lives programme, contact John White ([email protected]) and if you would like to know more about the Combined Authority’s plans to tackle not just health inequalities but also to deliver a Fairer, Stronger and Cleaner City Region, please see the CA’s ‘Plan for Prosperity 2022’.

Further information on the programme from community partners can be found on the Transform Lives Company website.

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