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Digital Inclusion Network

What is the network?

The Digital Inclusion Network brings together organisations from across Liverpool City Region who have a role to play in supporting the digital inclusion agenda. It’s vision is to create a digitally inclusive Liverpool City Region where no one is left behind.​

It’s core goals include:

  • Building a coordinated and connected digital inclusion ecosystem across Liverpool City Region.
  • Supporting organisations across the city region to deliver digital inclusion activities in a sustainable way.
  • Increase awareness and understanding of the digital inclusion agenda and help influence system-level change across the city region

How do I get involved?

To become part of our Digital Inclusion Network, click the button below. Simply enter your organisation details, upload your logo and we’ll be in touch!

Why is it important?

Hundreds of thousands of individuals across LCR are ‘digitally excluded’. This means they may not have access to the internet, the right equipment, appropriate digital skills, or be able to afford to engage online. Enabling individuals to take part digitally in their communities, engaging with family, or accessing online support services like NHS Digital or Government Services is essential in ensuring our residents can make the most of a modern digital life. 

What is the Digital Inclusion Pledge?

We ask members of the network to sign the Digital Inclusion Pledge, which simply shows an organisations support for tackling this agenda. There’s no intrusive criteria or monitoring required – but we’d ask you always think about digital inclusion by:

  • Supporting digital inclusion activities in LCR
  • Sharing best practice to other network members
  • Supporting your staff to learn essential digital skills
  • Supporting others needing help to get online
  • Donating any retired digital kit where this is appropriate

Digital Inclusion Network Members

Thank you to all our network members for supporting this important agenda.

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