Mayor Rotheram is sworn in for third term at Acceptance of Office ceremony

Steve Rotheram was joined by staff, supporters and family as he took part in an Acceptance of Office ceremony this morning (Tuesday 7 May) following his re-election as Mayor of the Liverpool City Region.

Mayor Rotheram with signed Acceptance of Office certificate

Mayor Rotheram won a third term at elections held on Thursday 2 May, with the vote count taking place at Wavertree Tennis Centre on Saturday 4 May.

He received 183,932 votes – 68% of those cast – increasing his vote share by 9.7%.

The Acceptance of Office ceremony, which took place at the Combined Authority’s offices in Mann Island, marks the beginning of Mayor Rotheram’s new administration.

Speaking at the ceremony Mayor Rotheram said:

“It has been the honour of a lifetime to serve as Mayor of the Liverpool City Region for the past seven years. Tackling inequality, improving access to opportunity and ensuring that we leave the next generation with a better inheritance than we received have been at the core of my politics and my administration.

“Devolution has given our area a single, unified voice to speak on behalf of the 1.6m people who call our area home. From the 30,000 new homes we have built, to the 60,000 new jobs and 30,000 apprenticeships we have created, to the integrated London-style transport network we are building – we are already demonstrating the tangible difference devolution is making to people’s lives. I am proud of the progress we have made – but this is just the start.

“The results of this election have overwhelmingly shown that our residents recognise that devolution is not just working, it is delivering – and they want us to take it further and faster. Together, we are taking back our future from Westminster.”

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