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Meet your Metro Mayor, Steve Rotheram

The Combined Authority is led by the Metro Mayor, Steve Rotheram. The role of the Metro Mayor is to ensure that decisions made through the city region’s devolution deal, directly benefit our people and our communities.

What is a Metro Mayor?

Metro Mayors are directly elected by the people in their area and chair their Combined Authority. The Metro Mayor exercises the powers and functions devolved from government, set out in the local area’s devolution deal.

Steve Rotheram was elected as the first Metro Mayor of the Liverpool City Region on 5 May 2017 with 59% of the vote to lead the Combined Authority in its work to drive prosperity, encourage innovation and expand opportunities for people and communities in every part of our city region.

About Steve Rotheram

One of eight children, Steve was born and raised in Kirkby to a stay-at-home Mum and forklift truck driver Dad. After leaving school with few formal qualifications, Steve began a bricklaying apprenticeship. He went on to run his own building company before working for the Learning and Skills Council.

He began his political career when he was elected to serve as a councillor in 2002, representing Fazakerley on Liverpool City Council and held the ceremonial title of Lord Mayor of Liverpool during the city’s European Capital of Culture year.

In 2010, Steve was elected as the Member of Parliament for the Liverpool Walton constituency. During his time in Westminster he led campaigns for justice for the Hillsborough families; in support of blacklisted workers; for compensation for those suffering from mesothelioma and asbestosis; and to change the law on the use of old tyres on buses and coaches.

From 2015, Steve served as Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Leader of the Opposition, Jeremy Corbyn, before successfully seeking the nomination to be Labour’s candidate for Metro Mayor of the Liverpool City Region.

In May 2017, Steve was elected with 59% of the vote and has overseen almost a billion pounds of investment, as well as delivering half-price bus travel for apprentices and implementing the pioneering Households into Work programme.

Steve’s vision

“For too long, too many decisions about our future have been taken too far away by people who don’t understand or care about our region.

“We live in a country where power and wealth are concentrated in the capital, and where other major cities and regions have been starved of investment and deprived of opportunity. Devolution is our chance to begin to fundamentally change that situation. It’s about more than important additional powers and financial resources, it is about a new beginning and a new direction.

“Having a Mayor to provide joined-up government, and a single influential voice on the national and world stage, has given London even more clout and influence. We now have the chance to give our city region the same kind of strategic and democratically accountable leadership.

“A Metro Mayor and Combined Authority gives us a stronger voice and the opportunity to pool our strengths and talents to our mutual advantage.

“It’s a chance to work together to attract global investment, modernize our transport system, transform education and skills provision, plan future housing allocation and work together to solve common problems and grasp the big opportunities.

“I am excited and optimistic about the future, because I believe in the energy and creativity of our people and our businesses. I know how much we can achieve together.

“We are a region that pioneered radical social reforms, revolutionized public service, created world-class businesses and world changing technologies.

“We are innovators and pioneers, we find new answers and invent new models, and where we see problems we devise our own solutions. We are creative and ambitious, but we are also compassionate and fair. We know, from experience, that we are stronger when we stand together.

“Sometimes people in power, and elected politicians, can become distant and disconnected. I stood for Metro Mayor to make a difference where it really matters – in the place I was born and will always call home.

“My vision is based on a set of core ideas that define what kind of region we want to be – a region that is ambitious, fair, green, connected and together.

“Devolution is our chance to deal with the things that matter most to our City Region and create a future rooted in our shared values and aspirations. It’s about taking back control, making decisions in our own interests and releasing the potential of a region with a rich history and extraordinary character.

“It’s an opportunity that’s simply too important to be squandered. So, let’s grasp it together.”

Contact the Mayor’s office

You can contact the Mayor’s office to find out more information about his role as Mayor of the Liverpool City Region (transport and air quality, jobs and skills, digital and innovation, housing and retrofit, housing first, culture music and sport, energy, business support), to raise issues for his attention, or to make a meeting request.

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