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We need to invest more into renewable energy sources

Liverpool City Region Listens

LCR Listens is an opportunity for everyone in the Liverpool City Region to have their say on the issues that are important to you.

The Metro Mayor and Combined Authority are working to create a fairer, more prosperous city region for everyone and to do that we need to know what matters to you on the big issues like employment, environment, housing, transport, skills and transport.

Your views will directly influence our strategic direction for the next 20 years, and specifically inform our Local Industrial Strategy, which will set out the long-term economic vision for the Liverpool City Region, providing a framework for our investment decisions, and for conversations with government about how we work together, through devolution, to maximise prosperity for all people and communities.

How You Get Around

We all need transport to get where we want to go – to school, work or the shops, or to have an adventure. And we know it can have a huge impact on our health, wellbeing and environment too.

The Liverpool City Region has one of the best public transport systems outside London. But we know that over 50% of short journeys are taken by car. Sometimes by choice, and sometimes because the network doesn’t take you where you want to go, when you want to go there.

We are committed to a comprehensive and truly affordable transport network, which is easy for everyone to use, and helps keep our people healthy and our place clean.  We’re making progress – Merseyrail has some of the most satisfied passengers in the UK, seven out of ten buses are lower emission, we have a brand-new state-of-the-art fleet of publicly-owned trains on the way; and work has started on a new 600km walking and cycling network across the city region.

But we know that public transport doesn’t work for everyone and we’d like to hear from you to help us make it the best it can be.

So, please tell us…

  • What is your experience of transport in the City Region?
  • What would make the biggest difference to you in this area?

Your cultural life

Culture is part of everyday life in our City Region, whether we’re going the theatre, a gig, the pub or even the match – it’s our history and heritage, it’s how we make friends and come together.

We all take part in cultural activities, and our diverse cultural and tourism sector provides jobs for many thousands of people.

These shared experiences are good for our health, wellbeing and sense of community and we’re keen to make sure our work reflects this – which is why we’ve committed 1% of our funding to culture, and are supporting projects like the Shakespeare North Theatre in Prescot, and this year’s Wirral Borough of Culture programme.

We want to know why culture is important to you, and how we can use it to tell our City Region’s story.

So, please tell us…

  • What is your experience of culture in the City Region?
  • What would make the biggest difference to you in this area?

Your home

Whether it’s your first flat, a family home, or supported accommodation, whether you rent, own or would like to buy – everyone wants a safe, warm and affordable place to call home.

But we know that many people in the city region have little choice of homes they can afford, of a quality standard they deserve, in the places they want to live.

We’re committed to addressing this and are working on long-term plans that meet everyone’s housing needs, improve our communities by bringing people together, and offer good quality of life for all.

To get this right, we want to understand how housing works for your now and how it impacts on your daily life.

So, please tell us…

  • What is your experience of housing?
  • What would make the biggest difference to you in this area?

Your work, your skills

The success of the Liverpool City Region is built on the talent, skill, and hard work of its people. We know that getting a good education and the right training is vital for everyone to achieve their full potential. There are more people with jobs, and more people have good qualifications. But we know that for many people, getting training, finding a good job and building a career can still be difficult. The world of work is also changing as we see the impacts of new technologies, and more people are changing careers and retraining later in life.

Devolution gives us local control of powers and funding to help you gain the skills you need to succeed in the modern world of work. We are working hard to connect more people with better jobs, including those who may not have worked for a while. We are shaping the adult education system to enable more people to get qualifications, and are supporting local apprentices through half-price travel tickets, and the UK’s first ‘Apprentice Web Portal’, BE MORE. So, please tell us…

  • What is your experience of work, and training for work, in the City Region?
  • What would make the biggest difference to you in this area?

Your Environment

Climate change is one of the biggest global challenges of our generation and Liverpool City Region, along with many places across the country has declared a ‘climate emergency’ to help address this.

This impacts our day to day lives in many ways – from visible issues such as the plastics on our beaches and in the Mersey, to less visible ones such as the impact of vehicles and industry on the air we breathe.

We want our City Region to be one of the cleanest, greenest places to in the UK and are taking action to achieve this by investing in clean public transport and in cycling and walking, developing the Mersey Tidal Power Project to develop renewable, sustainable energy and setting high environmental standards for new homes.

Balance is important – we want to retain the unique natural character of our City Region for future generations, while creating opportunities to work, live and play.

So, please tell us…

  • How do environmental issues affect you?
  • What would make the biggest difference to you in this area?

Your digital world

As a society we are more digitally connected than ever, and we want the Liverpool City Region at the forefront of this – shaping the future of how we live, work and learn.

We are developing an ultrafast digital network, in a push to make the Liverpool City Region the most digitally connected in the country, and Liverpool is a national testbed for use of 5G mobile technology to deliver health services. We also have the UK’s first school specialising in digital technology and a growing number of digital and creative businesses across the region.

But we know that the pace of change is fast – many of you are not digitally connected, feel that they lack the skills to make the most of new technology at work and at home, or worry about the impact of technology on their lives.

So, please tell us…

  • What is your experience of digital skills and connectivity in the City Region?
  • What would make the biggest difference to you in this area?

Arial view of liverpool from Cathedral

Our economic future

The economy shapes how we live together, work together, and make the most of all that our City Region has to offer.

Our economy is growing – more of our people are in employment, and more businesses are setting up here.

But we know that this success isn’t felt by everyone. For too many people, getting on, getting by, and getting around our city region remains hard.

We are developing plans to address this, building on our unique geography and the hard work, solidarity, creativity and innovation of our people. You can read about what we we’re thinking so far HERE.

We can only achieve our ambitions by working together. We want to know what’s important to you, what challenges you face, and what your ambitions and aspirations are for you, your family, and your community.

So, please tell us…

  • What is your experience of the economy in the City Region?
  • What would make the biggest difference to you in this area?

Come along and have your say

Our on-street engagement team will be out and about across all 6 local authorities over the coming months.

Confirmed venues are as follows:

Name of Event LCR Region Date Venue (if applicable) Postcode Time
Summer Streets St Helens 09/08/2019 Church Square, St Helens  WA10 1 BQ 10am – 3pm
Prescot Town Centre Knowsley 09/08/2019 Eccleston Street L34 5GA 10am – 3pm
Bootle Strand Shopping Centre Sefton 12/08/2019 L20 4SZ 10am – 3pm
Liverpool Central Rail Station Liverpool 13/08/2019 L1 1JT 9am – 5pm
Cherry Tree Shopping Centre Wirral  14/08/2019 CH44 5XU 10am – 3pm
Widnes Market Halton 15/08/2019 Widnes Market WA8 6UE 9am – 3pm
Lime Street Station Liverpool 19/08/2019 L1 1JD 8am – 6pm
International Play Day Liverpool 21/08/2019 Rice Lane L9 1AW 1pm – 4pm
Fazakerley Community Library Liverpool 27/08/2019 L10 7LQ
Sport Alive  Liverpool  28/08/2019 Adlam Park  12pm-1pm
L8 Loving Day Liverpool 30/08/2019 Toxteth Firefit Centre, Windsor St L8 8HD 1pm – 3:30pm
L8 Loving Day Liverpool 30/08/2019 Irene Milson Resource Centre, Kelvin Grove L8 3UE 1pm -3:30pm
Liverpool Chinese Gospel Church Liverpool 31/08/2019 Church L1 5DY
Southport Market Sefton 03/09/2019 Market PR8 1BE
Crosby Market Sefton 04/09/2019 Market L23 2SA
Colbolt Housing over 55’s Liverpool 04/09/2019 Oaktree Block L9 6DH 12pm – 3pm
Williamson Square Liverpool 06/09/2019 Williamson Square L1 1EQ 10am – 3pm
West Kirby Station Wirral  09/09/2019 Station CH48 4DZ 1pm – 4pm
Mersey Ferries Commute Wirral/Liverpool 11/09/2019 Ferry CH44 6QY 7.30am – 10am
Castlefields Community Centre Halton 17/09/2019 Village Square, Runcorn WA7 2ST 9am – 1pm
Lord Street  Liverpool 20/09/2019 Lord Street L2 6PG 10am – 3pm
Earsletown Bus Station St Helens 23/09/2019 Bus Station WA12 9PS 10 – 3pm
Maghull Older Peoples Forum Sefton 24/09/2019 St Andrews Church L31 6AD 1.30pm
Netherton Market  Sefton 25/09/2019 Marian Square L30 5QA tbc
Liverpool Dementia Action Alliance Liverpool 25/09/2019 LACE L17 1AA 10am -6pm
Liverpool Jobs Fair LCR 27/09/2019 Anfield Football Stadium L4  10am – 1pm
Guild of Students,University of Liverpool Liverpool 30/09/2019 Reily Building
Roe Street Liverpool 04/10/2019 Roe Street L1 1HL 10am – 3pm
Liverpool John Moores University Liverpool 07/10/2019 All LJMU stident social spaces
Alder Hey Atrium and Youth Group Liverpool 28/10/2019 Alder Hey Atrium L12 2AP 10am – 3pm
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