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Social Value framework

Social Value captures the difference an organisation or project can make to the community it operates in.

Social Value

It’s especially important in the Liverpool City Region because, despite considerable progress over the last 10 years, long-standing economic, social and environmental challenges remain and inequality persists.

These challenges continue to affect the health, wellbeing and quality of life of residents and communities.

That’s why giving something back to the community is to be embedded in all Liverpool City Region Combined Authority activities.

Under its social value framework, benefits to the local community will become a much bigger part of awarding combined authority contracts and could include the training and employment of local people, the use of local suppliers or the inclusion of apprenticeships in contracts.

It’s the combined authority’s duty to provide the best possible value with the money it’s entrusted to spend.

But value is not just about money. Value can mean providing opportunity, addressing inequality, tackling the climate crisis and improving life chances.

That’s social value: the added benefits that the authority’s work, and the work of people it engages with, can bring to communities and people’s lives.

Social value will help shape key decisions on where to spend or invest more than £100m the authority receives each year under devolution – to deliver a fairer, stronger and greener city region with no one left behind.

Building on existing good practice, the framework goes beyond minimum social value requirements and ensures community benefits apply across all combined authority activities – as an employer, as a commissioner and provider of services, as an investor and a civic leader.

It will enable the authority to work in a more coherent and structured way to add social value to all its activities and investments.

Through an annual review, the framework also ensures the combined authority learns and improves as it goes along – so it can deliver even greater benefits to communities in future and consistently offer the best possible social value.

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