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Get Online

Accessing free internet, in person support and digital equipment

Digital support

Participating in a digital world can be challenging at times, so knowing where you can go to get online & receive in-person support is really important.

Ensuring all of our city region residents are digitally included is a key priority for us. Use our interactive digital inclusion map below to find where you can access support in the Liverpool City Region

What is Digital Inclusion?

Digital Inclusion is about ensuring everyone has the ability, access, skills and motivation to take part in a Modern Digital Life and take advantage of the benefits this brings.

Why is Digital Inclusion important?

Almost every part of life has a digital element – from using the NHS App, to shopping online, connecting with friends & relatives – having access to devices, internet and the skills needed to utilise these services is increasingly essential

Support in your area

Where can I access support?

Utilising the interactive map, you can view where local libraries, community groups and other organisations are offering free wi-fi, equipment and training. In addition, the learn more about the help that’s available in each Local Authority area.

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