Giving back through volunteering

At the Combined Authority we’re all about delivering social value: giving that extra help to the communities we serve.

That includes encouraging our staff to volunteer to help the community. As part of the organisation’s volunteering scheme launched last year, every employee has 14 hours available every year to volunteer in our local communities.

People volunteering in a garden in the sunshine

Households into Work Programme Manager Nick Bell (left) volunteering with the team in Sefton.

This could include working with or engaging in a community activity with a registered charity, voluntary organisation, local community group or school, and can used in full day blocks, half days, or few hours.

Our Households Into Work team heeded the call giving back to a number of community groups across the city region.

They have racked up an amazing 231 hours of volunteering across the 31 strong team who work across all six of our local authority areas.

Have a look at what they achieved with those hours over the course of just three days!

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