‘We are all about looking after our staff and their well-being… to do our job well we need happy staff.’

Helen Morris, of Elevate Education Business Partnership, explains why people should get involved in the Mayor’s charter and ‘shout about it’ to encourage others.

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Elevate EBP says Mayor Steve Rotheram’s Fair Employment Charter is a ‘perfect fit’ for their company which is ‘all about looking after their staff and well-being’.

The Bootle-based company supports schools and colleges to develop the careers and employability of young people.

It has joined employers across the Liverpool City Region in backing the Mayor’s campaign against poverty pay and zero hours contracts.

Helen Morris, Operations Lead, said:

“We signed up for the charter because when we read about it we knew it was a perfect fit for our company.

“We are all about looking after our staff and their well-being. In order for us to do our job well we need happy staff.

“I would one hundred percent encourage any other organisation in the Liverpool City Region to sign up to the charter. It is so important to look after your staff and also to shout about that you are doing that because it sets a precedent for other companies and they can get involved too.

Laura Grigsby, Head of Education & Learning, said:

“We support young people from five right the way up to young unemployed to develop employability skills and to help them succeed later in life.

More than 50 organisations from across the region have been awarded Aspiring status of the Charter, which encourages businesses to pay staff a Real Living Wage, clamp down on the use of zero hours contracts, provide mental health support, encourage flexible working and engage with trade unions.

A further 85 companies are in talks to sign the charter.

Currently, more than a quarter of the region’s workforce earn less than a Real Living Wage, which is £10.90 an hour for everyone living outside of London, with an estimated 19,000 workers on zero hours contracts.

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