Steve Rotheram says Skills Commission key to successful and dynamic economy

The Liverpool City Region Skills Commission met for the first time to set out how it will bring together business and education leaders, training providers and stakeholders to develop policies to ensure that young people are equipped for the jobs of tomorrow.

One of the Commission’s key roles will be to align skills training and Apprenticeships with economic policy priorities and the City Region’s Growth Strategy and over the next 12 months the Commission will hear evidence and take a comprehensive look at skills provision reviewing how services are delivered and accessed in the interests of both businesses and learners. A key part of its work will be a survey of over 900 employers, the results of which will help young people, adults seeking employment, parents, teachers and careers advisers better understand the skills and attributes that are the most sought-after by employers.

The Skills Commission also will play a vitally important role helping to shape policy and radically improve the quality of skills provision and Apprenticeships at all levels. Commissioners have been selected to provide a broad range of expertise and independence, and will look at how city regions elsewhere in the UK and internationally have built successful high skill economies. They will deliver advice and recommendations to Metro Mayor Steve Rotheram, the Combined Authority and the Local Enterprise Partnership, identifying immediate skills needs and longer-term strategies to help businesses and expand employment opportunities for communities across the City Region.

In launching the Skills Commission, the Liverpool City Region’s Metro Mayor, Steve Rotheram commented:

“This is a hugely important part of our overall strategy to create a dynamic and prosperous City Region. We are bringing together leaders from business, education and skills to share their knowledge and expertise to make a real and lasting difference to the way we develop skills and realise the potential of our people.  I am inviting the Commission to be bold and challenging and help to raise ambition and aspiration not only for our businesses but for residents in every one of our communities. There is outstanding talent and creativity across our City Region which we need to nurture to ensure that our people get the chance to reach their full potential.”

Councillor Ian Maher, Liverpool City Region Combined Authority Portfolio Lead for Skills and Apprenticeships commented:

“The Liverpool City Region, particularly through the work of the Employment and Skills Board, has achieved a number of successes on employment and skills – in particular our work with partners to reduce youth unemployment. However, the pace of business change and the demands placed on all individuals competing in the labour market means that we must continue to be innovative and focused in our approach to creating the conditions for a highly skilled and adaptable workforce, one that helps our City Region to stay ahead.”

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