Liverpool City Region bus users benefit from an improved ticket offer

From 30 January 2017, bus passengers travelling within the Liverpool City Region can benefit from an improved ticket offer.

Merseytravel, Arriva and Stagecoach have been working together through the Bus Alliance to introduce a new ticket and a new way of buying existing tickets.

Arriva’s Merseyside Adult and Young Person’s Weekly Saver tickets, and Stagecoach’s Adult and Young Person’s 7 day Merseyside Megarider plus+ tickets can now be bought and renewed on a Walrus Card on buses.

Walrus cards are reusable and the cards also allow you to top them up on the bus. Prices and validity have had no changes.

Owners of Walrus cards are asked to keep the card for future use as there are plans to roll out an activation fee on all new cards in the near future.

A new adult One Day Solo bus ticket has also been launched by Merseytravel. You can buy them on bus services in Merseyside and it allows you to travel on any bus at any time with just one ticket for £4.70. It is valid through peak times.

Arriva day saver tickets for £4.30 and Stagecoach Dayrider tickets and Stagecoach Dayrider tickets for £4 have not changed and will continue to be accepted by either operator on Quality Bus Network.

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