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Digital Spine to connect city region to ultra-fast fibre broadband

The Liverpool City Region Combined Authority is investing in a digital ‘spine’ to connect the city region’s key digital assets, the Hartree super computer – one of the, biggest, fastest computers in the country, which is based at Daresbury in Halton – and the GTT fibre optic cable, which carries internet traffic between the UK, North America and the rest of the world, and comes ashore in Southport.

These assets will be connected by a 260km full fibre network, covering the whole of the city region across all six local authority areas, to enable ultra-fast internet for every home, school, business, hospital and a host of other locations.

This new and improved digital connectivity will:

  • Attract major new business to the city region.

  • Enable split-second downloads at home, immersive home entertainment and increased access to public services.

  • Allow high-resolution scanning and instant data transfer between doctors.

  • Boost research and offer remote learning opportunities for students.

  • Allow manufacturers to move massive data sets around with ease.

Metro Mayor Steve Rotheram, said:

“We are at the forefront of digital developments in the UK and we want to stay there. That’s why we are working to create this digital spine, to ensure that all six areas in our city region are connected to ultra-fast fibre broadband.

“We live in a digital world, where connectivity shapes every aspect of our lives. So, with the vision and creativity here in our city region, using assets such as the Hartree super computer and GTT fibre optic cable, we can be sure that ultra-fast fibre broadband will bring untold opportunities for our digital future. And we will make sure that the Liverpool City Region is in the best place to make the most of those opportunities.”


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