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Glass Futures

St Helens glass-making centre of excellence will build on tradition and reduce carbon footprint

Glass Futures partners with Liverpool City Region to create jobs at advanced research centre

St Helens is set for an exciting future in glass-making technology to match the industry’s rich tradition in the borough – and create a new, more environmentally friendly era for the industry worldwide.

Glass Futures is a project to create a centre of excellence in St Helens for research and development of glass production and glass-making processes.
At the heart of the project is a determination to reduce the industry’s carbon footprint and funding has been secured from Liverpool City Region and UKRI (UK Research and Innovation).
Glass Futures’ Catherine Chilvers said: “It’s fitting that the Borough of St Helens, given its association with glass historically, will be at the forefront of glass innovation.
“I think the economic prospects for the City Region are positive given the genuine drive and leadership across all stakeholders to deliver a competitive but clean and inclusive future.
“And I think that the Glass Futures project is helping to deliver on all aspects of that agenda.”

Glass Futures has a commitment to training and skills development and when operational is expected to create 80 jobs.

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