The Liverpool City Region is home to some truly world class businesses that are investing, innovating, growing, and evolving all the time. Many of them are matched by our fantastic public and third sector organisations, who, despite years of government austerity, continue to provide sound jobs that are well-paid and secure – with opportunities for progression.

But we shouldn’t pretend all is rosy.

The overall economic productivity of the city region lags behind the rest of the UK and London – and further behind our international competitors. At the same time, our public and third sector organisations are grappling with numerous social issues that are wide-ranging and increasingly complex.

Rising in-work poverty and insecure employment, which prevent people fulfilling their potential, getting a home and providing a secure start for their children – are factors linked to these problems. In the Liverpool City Region, 25.6% of all children are living in poverty – a figure much higher than the national average of 18.6% – and higher than other cities and city regions in the north.

We believe that a Fair Employment Charter is one means to begin to address these challenges. It has been proven time and time again that fairly paid employees, with security of employment, will be happy employees, and happy employees will be productive employees –contributing to competitive, successful and growing organisations.

For more information about the Fair Employment Charter and to get involved, download a copy of the consultation document below.