Steve Rotheram demands the government end cover-up culture

Steve Rotheram has today called on the Prime Minister to implement, in full, the proposed Public Authorities (Accountabilities) Bill, also known as ‘the Hillsborough Law’.

The Bill, if passed, would compel those in public office to act with candour and in a way that is truthful when responding to investigations into their conduct. The Bill would introduce the option of punishment by prison sentence for those who lie or try to hide the truth.

The Public Authorities (Accountabilities) Bill was brought before Parliament on 29 March 2017 and was approved at first reading. The Metro Mayor, then member of parliament for Liverpool Walton, was one of the its 12 sponsors. It was due to have its second reading on 12 May however the Bill fell following the dissolution of parliament before the general election.

Speaking ahead of the expected release of former Bishop James Jones’s report into the experience of the Hillsborough families, Steve Rotheram said:

“Today, there is a clear and unambiguous call by Her Majesty’s Opposition, and those associated with the Hillsborough campaigns for justice, for implementation of the Hillsborough Law as an instrument in restoring trust and confidence in our public institutions.

In the 28 years that have passed since the Hillsborough tragedy, there have been too many occasions where cover-up and secrecy have pervaded our public life when things have gone wrong.

Governments of all colours have been too slow to respond to this culture, which has no place in our modern democracy.

The Prime Minister must commit to the full implementation of the Hillsborough Law. With enquiries on-going into historic child sexual abuse, and more recently the Grenfell Tower disaster, this law is needed now, just as it was needed 28 years ago.” 

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