Service users talk about the benefits of Households into Work

More than 1300 people making up over 800 households have been supported by the innovative Households into Work programme in its first year.

The pilot scheme which helps people who are unemployed, but who because of their circumstances, find just the thought of seeking employment a daunting prospect, is funded with £3.5m from the Department for Work and Pensions, and £1m from the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority. It has 6 Senior Employment Advocates and 19 Employment Advocates all working on an outreach basis.

The advocates work to put bespoke intensive support packages in place for people who might be in financial crisis, have an addiction, suffer from mental health illness, are at risk of eviction, are victims of domestic violence or have a limited or non-existent support network.

To be eligible for a place on Households into Work you must live in the Liverpool City Region, be aged 16 and over, be unemployed, be willing to join the programme and there be at least one other member of your household who meets the eligibility criteria.

Watch our videos with these service users to find out what a difference it has made to them.

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