How you can help to build the Liverpool City Region Skills Strategy

Improving and increasing the right skills, to the right levels, in the right way and developing the existing talent in the City Region are identified as being pivotal for sustainable growth.  The production of a business-led skills strategy for the Liverpool City Region is a key action.

Whilst skills gaps, as measured by highest level of attainment, have been closed in recent years in comparison to national levels, there remain a number of long standing skills gaps that need to be addressed to secure more residents in employment; more residents progressing in to work; and competitive businesses able to attract and retain a skilled workforce.

The draft Skills Strategy is deliberately pitched as a high level document to focus on the vision for skills and the key strategic outcomes that need to be addressed.

The proposed key outcomes are:

  • Higher proportion (particularly for 16-18s) of people with good attainment in English, Maths and Information Technology attainment and workreadiness;

  • Higher proportion of working age population employed and where good quality jobs are a higher proportion of alljobs;

  • Higher productivity and lower incidence of skills shortages across growth sectors;

  • More effective workforce and fewer local recruitment difficulties across all sectors;

  • Employers investing significantly more in the quality and quantity of the skills of their workforce; and

  • Much simpler systems and more joined up support processes, driven by strategic use of funding and characterised by collaborative behaviours, responsiveness and stability

Many stakeholders have already been involved in the development of this draft Strategy: to ensure that more people are given the opportunity to feedback their views on how we implement this, we are asking for the attached brief questionnaire to be completed and sent back to us.  This will provide us with the relevant feedback prior to the final agreement of the Skills Strategy by the Combined Authority.



We would like to thank you in advance for your input and perspective.

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