Get back: Penny Lane sign goes on display in Liverpool – 47 years after being stolen by students

  • ‘Pristine’ street sign returned anonymously by ex-student

  • Its theft in 1976 is described in a message to The Beatles Story, where it will now go on display

  • Oldest Penny Lane sign known to exist

The oldest known Penny Lane sign has gone on display in a Liverpool museum – 47 years after it was stolen by drunken students.

Watch the audio descriptive version here.

The award-winning Beatles Story museum was contacted earlier this year by a man who described the sign’s theft in 1976 by a group of students who were ‘worse for wear’.

He offered to post the ‘totally pristine’ street sign back to Liverpool where he said, ‘it should now spend the rest of its days’.

The former student, who hasn’t revealed his identity, explained to The Beatles Story why he wanted to return the sign to its rightful home.

In his message to The Beatles Story, the anonymous gentleman said:

“Because I am getting on a bit now, I want to return it to the Pool, where I spent six very happy years as a student, undergrad then postgrad, including meeting my wife of 44 years. Obviously, Liverpool is where the sign should now spend the rest of its days.”

Mayor Steve Rotheram holding the returned Penny Lane street sign

Mayor Rotheram holds the Penny Lane sign which was returned by post.

On being informed about the sign’s return to The Beatles Story, Mayor of the Liverpool City Region Steve Rotheram said:

Penny Lane is so much more than a simple street that inspired a song all those year ago – it’s a music time capsule immortalised by those four boys who shook the world. But the true meaning of the song isn’t in the street name or sign – it’s the sights and characters that Paul McCartney recalled from his time growing up here. It’s the nurse, banker, fireman and barber who all brought the street to life – they are the real treasure of Penny Lane.

 “That being said, it’s great to see something which holds so much significance finally returned to its rightful home after nearly half a century. Penny Lane is in our ears and in our eyes – and this time it’s for keeps.”

The returned Penny Lane Street sign stolen in 1976 being held by Mary Chadwick from the Beatles Story on the left hand side and Mayor Steve Rotheram on the right.

The Beatles Story Manager Mary Chadwick with Mayor of the Liverpool City Region Steve Rotheram and the Penny Lane sign in its new home.

Cllr Dan Barrington, Liverpool City Council’s cabinet member for Transport and Connectivity, said:

“The removal of street signs is a criminal offence which can lead to a prison sentence. However, given the history of this case and the fact this Penny Lane has got back to where it belongs after what looks like a long and winding journey, then I think we can all agree to just let it be.”

The Beatles Story has been working on a display for the sign which will exhibited at the Albert Dock attraction, pending agreement from the sign’s owners at Liverpool City Council.

Manager of The Beatles Story, Mary Chadwick said:

“After the anonymous gentleman contacted us by email, we agreed to accept the street sign on behalf of the city of Liverpool. We have agreed to work with Liverpool City Council to understand its history and possible value.

“Due to the fame of Penny Lane and its connection with The Beatles song, a number of street signs have been stolen over the years, but as far as I know 1976 is the oldest one that has been returned to the city and we are delighted to be able to include it in our collection here at The Beatles Story!”

The 1976 Penny Lane Street sign can now be seen at The Beatles Story following its long and winding road back home.

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