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We will remain an open and welcoming City Region and are proud that many EU citizens have chosen to live, study, work or set up their business in our city region.

The Combined Authority recognise the UK’s exit from the EU will continue to generate uncertainty for the city region’s businesses while the new rules agreed under the Trade and Cooperation Agreement are introduced and implemented. EU citizens living in our City Region will able to remain provided they seek (pre)settled status in the UK under the EU settlement scheme. We are working with partners to support our businesses and residents.

The UK Government has produced detailed guidance for both businesses and people which can be found at:


We recognise that EU citizens may feel anxious about their future and urge them to keep up to date with the EU Settlement Scheme by signing up to emails from the Home Office. We urge EU citizens and their families to apply for settled or pre-settled status before the end June 2021 deadline, if you haven’t done so already. You can find out more on

If you require further advice, we suggest that you contact your embassy or the Citizens’ Advice Bureau and

You may also wish to access resources available here.


Businesses are impacted in different ways by the Trade and Cooperation Agreement and the Northern Ireland Protocol. New rules are applying both to exports and imports to the European Union.

To help you prepare, the Liverpool City Region Local Growth Hub has pulled together a range of resources. This will be updated as new information becomes available. If you wish to discuss in detail, please check the Growth Hub on or

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