Ron Russell

Ron Russell

Ron Russell is the Centre Manager at The Rutherford Cancer Centre North West, which is currently being built as part of Paddington Village in the heart of Liverpool’s Knowledge Quarter. Scheduled to open in 2019, the new centre will treat up to 500 patients a year.

It’s one of five new therapy centres being built across the UK and will offer groundbreaking Proton therapy to cancer patients – a form of radiotherapy shown to have fewer side effects than other current treatments. It will also provide imaging and chemotherapy, offering a better future for cancer patients through personalised and supportive care.

“We really needed the city region as a whole to understand the scale of what we were planning to achieve,” explains Ron. “Liverpool City Region has the ability to do this and Devolution has been part of the process that has made it easy for us to come here knowing that the city’s stakeholders are working together as one – constantly talking and looking to the future. A devolved Liverpool has the ability to look at a project like The Rutherford Cancer Centre North West and say, ‘We want that!’ and help make it happen.” With ties to the University of Liverpool, world-class innovation projects such as The Rutherford Cancer Centre North West will make Liverpool City Region an even more competitive place, attracting talent from all over the world to work, live and set up a home.

It will also provide a world-class cancer treatment centre for people right across the North West when they need it most.

“Liverpool City Region has always had the infrastructure to do great things, but it’s now pulling itself together as one to make things happen on a scale that would have been unthinkable even a decade ago. The community is now making decisions for the good of the community.”

“The jigsaw that is the city region is coming together and it’s creating a great space for us all to thrive.”

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