Lee Omar

Lee Omar

Lee Omar is the founder and CEO of Red Ninja Studios based in Liverpool Science Park. Red Ninja is one of the city region’s leading digital innovators, built on a belief that design and technology can change lives for the better.

With its origins in games and mobile apps, Red Ninja now builds sensor technology, delivering leading-edge research and development on health and transport including a digital health application that prevents falls in our ageing population.

They’re currently working on The Life Project – using cloud technology, artificial intelligence and big data to combat road congestion so that ambulances can reach patients who are in a critical condition even sooner.

It’s an amazing example of how innovative thinking combined with technology can save lives on the front line.

“Metro Mayor Steve Rotheram came out to see us because of the work we were doing around transport in the city region”, says Lee. “Devolution gives us the opportunity to look at the city region holistically rather than as separate parts. There is a need to improve digital infrastructure and connectivity so that companies like us can thrive and I believe that that’s what devolution can and will do.”

“UK cities are built around Victorian infrastructure and that infrastructure is beginning to creak. It’s widely understood that cities are where most people are going to live over the next twenty or thirty years, which means the way we all live together has to change. When I first came to university in Liverpool no one lived in the city centre. Now thousands of people do and it’s just a quick walk or a cycle to work. Millennials aren’t buying cars anymore in great numbers, which means again that things are changing.”

“We need to respond to that. And we need to help create the right environment for businesses like ours to service and shape the lifestyles of people in the future. Devolution can help do all that.”

One of the great things that appeals to Lee as an entrepreneur in a devolved city is that you can now go and meet the people that will be shaping the city. And that’s a powerful thing.

“In the past if you wanted to offer something innovative around the transport system for example you’d have traipse down to London and that was no guarantee of being listened to. Now we can go and speak to the very people that will be shaping the city region and have a serious conversation about what we think can make things better.”

“Now at last we have the chance to reimagine our own future.”

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