Funding for Skills Capital in Liverpool City Region

Liverpool City Region successfully secured £41.1m of Local Growth Fund (LGF) monies in 2014 to support skills capital investments as part of our Growth Deal with Government and a further £8m from LGF Round 3 in 2017. Circa £18m is currently available for skills capital investment under the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority Strategic Investment Fund (SIF).

Funding awards will:

  • prioritise support towards capital investment that encourages learning and training in the identified City Region growth sectors; in sectors where there is a high volume of replacement demand, job generation and/or significant named employer support in the Liverpool City Region for a proposal;
  • be awarded on a competitive basis to ensure that the skills priorities including the impact on growth for the area can be met (with the exception of investment strands ring-fenced to Liverpool City Region General FE Colleges);
  • be prioritised to support proposals that clearly evidence the impact and benefits of the educational and economic case across the Liverpool City Region area and in addressing market gaps and local growth opportunities.

All projects should demonstrate high value for money, offer scalability to addressing needs and consider and manage delivery risks with applicants will be encouraged to lever in additional  investment to improve value for money.

Eligible applicants

Applicants are limited to those with access to post 16 skills revenue funding to ensure adequate return on investment and assurance that investments will support learners in the short, medium and longer term. More specifically applicants are limited to the following organisations based within the constituent six Local Authority areas within Liverpool City Region:

  • General Further Education (FE) Colleges;
  • Sixth Form Colleges (and academies formerly designated as Sixth Form Colleges);
  • Liverpool City Region devolved Adult Education Budget providers;
  • Liverpool City Region based Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) funded Independent Training Providers with direct contracts for Apprenticeships, Traineeships or 16-18 study programmes;
  • Universities (in relation to the delivery of Higher/Degree Apprenticeships);
  • Employer Providers who offer Apprenticeships (listed on the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers); and
  • Liverpool City Region based training providers who are in receipt of European Social Fund contracts.

Skills Capital Investment Fund Investment Strand Summary
Indicative Allocation Description Guidance Notes

Sites and Premises

For large construction and refurbishment projects, with a focus on innovation to support economic growth sectors and high volume employment including apprenticeships.

Min £0.500m grant and Max £2.0m grant

Improved Facilities

For improvements in conditions of facilities/learning environment where skills training is delivered.

Min £0.100m grant and Max £0.500 grant


Investment in equipment to ensure training environments are up to modern industry standards, with a particular focus on advanced manufacturing, digital, logistics, health and construction sector skills needs.

Maintenance of Further Education Facilities – £3.5m

Maintenance of existing FE Colleges delivery facilities, with a particular emphasis on those with an inadequately maintained estate.

Low Carbon Reinvestment Fund £1.0m

A fund for City Region based General FE Colleges to invest in their plant and facilities to reduce their carbon impact.

Funding is sourced from the Local Growth Fund. Local Growth Funding was awarded to the Liverpool City Region Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) and invested through the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority’s Strategic Investment Fund.