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Shakespeare North Playhouse

The Shakespeare North Playhouse to open next year as City Region boosts UK culture

Prescot joins Stratford and London as third side of “Shakespeare Triangle”

The Shakespeare North Playhouse is on course for completion next year, forming the third side of a cultural triangle that sees Prescot in Knowsley join up with London and Stratford-on-Avon.

With a flexible 320 – 472 seat theatre at its heart, it will be a major driver for regeneration as well as broadening horizons and opportunities for local communities.

Max Steinberg, Chair of the Shakespeare North Trust, said the scheme was an outstanding example of partnership – with Liverpool City Region Combined Authority, Knowsley Council, Government, and charitable institutions, all providing funding.

He said: “The Combined Authority has been a vital partner for this project. The development could not have happened without their support.

‘’We are on target to open next year and we can begin to see performances take place on this wonderful stage at this wonderful, unique setting.”

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