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Runcorn Station

Runcorn Station Quarter development links rail hub with regenerated town centre

Work underway on transformational Halton project  with funding support from Liverpool City Region

The first phase is underway in a huge project which will transform the centre of Runcorn.

Liverpool City Region financing means the town can capitalise on its station’s position as a key regional transport hub by opening it up to, and integrating it with, regeneration plans for the town centre.

The Runcorn Station Quarter already has a new roundabout giving easy access from the old Silver Jubilee Bridge and new Mersey Gateway Bridge, and improving links with the town.

Wesley Rourke of Halton Borough Council said: ‘’The City Region has been instrumental – not only in financing the development but also making sure it is firmly on the map.

‘’The next phase will be a plaza which opens up the station even more and makes it a much more people-friendly place for people to spend a little more time in Runcorn.’’

Mr Rourke said he thought the City Region had all the ingredients for further inward investment in the future.
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