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Modern Methods of Construction

Liverpool City Region – striving for a centre of excellence delivering, better, cheaper, greener homes

The Modern Methods of Construction project can revolutionise the way houses are built while creating jobs and improving skills.

A Liverpool City Region project is pioneering advanced manufacturing techniques to create jobs, skills and cheaper, greener homes.

The  Modern Methods of Construction project, which brings together a range of partners, including the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC), could be an industry-leader in new ways of building homes.

Liverpool City Region is working with stakeholders including MTC to prepare a business case for Government which could see them forging ahead globally.

MTC’s Dr Charlie Whitford said: ‘‘The City Region has been hugely important. Working with local stakeholders, housing associations such as Torus and The Combined Authority, we are putting together a plan to deliver higher-quality, fuel-efficient, cheaper homes.

‘’At the same time, we will be delivering skills and job opportunities. It is important for us and our stakeholders that we improve society.

‘’There are major challenges; the pandemic, Brexit, Net Zero. But if for instance, you take the challenge of Net Zero, it can be associated with tackling fuel poverty and improving energy efficiency in homes.’’

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