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Daresbury Proteins

City Region scientists are tracking the virus in the teeth of the Pandemic

Liverpool City Region Future Innovation Fund support means Daresbury Proteins can help beat the COVID-19 mutations

Scientists fighting to save lives in the Pandemic received their own life saver from Liverpool City Region.

The Support from the Future Innovation Fund meant Daresbury Proteins could continue their work on understanding the COVID-19 virus and tracking its different and dangerous mutations.

The brilliance of staff and the advanced technology at their Runcorn facility are crucial to the nation’s wellbeing now and in the future.

Founder and director Dr Jennet Beesley, said the City Region support they received was a ‘life-saver’ and meant the company was ‘not just surviving but thriving’.

‘’Thanks to the Combined Authority the support we have had also includes financial advice and business support.

‘It makes us happy to be part of a much-larger, close-knit, community. This region has a fantastic ecosystem in terms of research and we should all come out of this stronger. With the support of the Combined Authority, we are all working together.’’

More about the Future Innovation Fund

The £3m Future Innovation Fund supports businesses to adapt and innovate in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Delivered through Growth Platform, the new fund will is providinge grants to SMEs that have reacted innovatively to the changed business environment created by COVID-19.

Two funding rounds have been completed with the third to be announced this year.

The grants will be awardedare available to businesses lining up with the Local Industrial Strategy priorities of building a sustainable industrial future; enhancing health & wellbeing; global cultural capital; zero carbon economy; technology and data to improve society; digitalisation.

Eligible companies must be a registered SME, operational before 1 January 2020 with headquarters or significant operations in the Liverpool City Region. For details go to

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