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CNC Robotics

Robots from a firm in Aintree are changing the face of manufacturing.

CNC Robotics power through COVID thanks to Liverpool City Region Future Innovation Fund support

A firm in Aintree is leading the UK in advanced robot technology that is changing the way manufacturers work.

They are taking their business to the next level of growth thanks to a Future Innovation Fund grant from Liverpool City Region.

CNC Robotics describe themselves as a ‘robotic integration company specialising in advanced machine applications’.

In layman’s terms, the 11-year-old firm uses robots to solve problems for manufacturers and make their businesses more cost-effective.

Managing Director Philippa Glover said: ‘The City Region support has been absolutely amazing and means a small business like ours can do a project that creates growth and jobs by developing new, innovative products for manufacturers.

‘And this comes at a time of challenge for businesses – Covid, Brexit and Levelling Up.

‘‘We have got great leaders in Liverpool City Region who are continuing to champion more support for the great talent and brilliant businesses we have here.’’

More about the Future Innovation Fund

The £3m Future Innovation Fund supports businesses to adapt and innovate in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Delivered through Growth Platform, the new fund will is providinge grants to SMEs that have reacted innovatively to the changed business environment created by COVID-19.

Two funding rounds have been completed with the third to be announced this year.

The grants will be awardedare available to businesses lining up with the Local Industrial Strategy priorities of building a sustainable industrial future; enhancing health & wellbeing; global cultural capital; zero carbon economy; technology and data to improve society; digitalisation.

Eligible companies must be a registered SME, operational before 1 January 2020 with headquarters or significant operations in the Liverpool City Region. For details go to

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