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Bootle Strand Regeneration

Food, drink, leisure, shopping – the fantastic regeneration plan for Bootle Town Centre

Bootle Strand at heart of dynamic changes as Sefton Council and Liverpool City Region join forces

Town Centres and shopping habits are changing fast – and Bootle is tackling that change with a stunning regeneration project.

Centred on the Bootle Stand Shopping Centre, the plan aims to combine retail with other uses like leisure, and food and drink.

Cllr Marion Atkinson of Sefton Borough Council described the scheme – a partnership with Liverpool City Region – as heralding ‘exciting times’ for Bootle and the wider area.

‘’We have to change the diversity of what we offer,’’ she said.

‘’It will be challenging, but we are dynamic, we are creative, we are robust, and we will tackle this head on.‘’

Cllr Atkinson said that, despite COVID-19, the mood in Bootle and the wider City Region was one of optimism.

‘’Yes, we will need Government support but the City Region is a great place. It’s a fantastic place to live, to work; it’s brilliant and I think we will ride this storm.’’

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