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We are #BuildingBackStronger.

As we take the first steps on the roadmap out of the pandemic, the Liverpool City Region is working together to kickstart our economic recovery. We have all been affected by the pandemic and we all need to work as one to ensure that we are #BuildingBackStronger.

We have already come together as a City Region, through our businesses, our local authorities, our social economy and the Combined Authority, to create an economic recovery plan which, if backed by Government, will mean £1.4bn of investment yields a £9bn boost to our economy and the creation of 122,000 jobs.

We are resilient. We are confident.  And we are renowned for our solidarity and for sticking together when times are tough.

Here, we tell the stories of just some of the amazing partner businesses, projects and organisations that Liverpool City Region CA has supported.

There are stories of touching community projects which prove that passion and determination truly change lives. There are stories of remarkable creativity that illustrate yet again what a hotbed of innovation and imagination this region is.

And there are stories of huge, ground-breaking schemes that will change the face of this region, and its economy, forever and for the better.  All of them are stories of resilience, hope and optimism.

Here, our reporting team and camera crew provide living proof of the opportunities that working together will afford us to improve the quality of life for the 1.6 million residents of this extraordinary, and indomitable, City Region.

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Bootle Strand Regeneration

Jobs, businesses, hope. This is what happens when Liverpool City Region funding meets local pride and passion.

Cafe Laziz

Touching support from locals has helped a café in St Helens establish itself in the hearts of a community in need.

CNC Robotics

A firm based in Aintree is leading the UK in advanced robot technology which is changing the way that manufacturers work.

Cycle of Life

An inspirational community-based project is sending out a powerful, heartwarming message & brightening lives.

Daresbury Protein

Scientists fighting to save lives during the Pandemic received their own life support from the Liverpool City Region.

Farm Urban

A firm in the centre of Liverpool is refusing to let COVID-19 derail its ambitions for a greener, healthier city.

Future Yard

A live music venue has joined forces with the City Region in the belief it provide a real boost for Birkenhead.

Glass Futures

St Helens glass-making centre of excellence will build on tradition and reduce carbon footprint.


Back-to-nature company set to expand as Liverpool City Region helps it stave off COVID-19 threat.

Homegrown Collective

A brewing company run by locals in Anfield and Everton, which teaches people to brew ‘great beer.’

Made in Bootle

Waste not want not is the motto of a belting business based in Bootle that’s set to grow and grow.

Make Thread

Fashion on demand means that this City Region business can now take on the big players.


This project can revolutionise the way houses are built while creating jobs and improving skills.

Runcorn Station

The first phase is now underway in a huge project which will transform the centre of Runcorn.

Shakespeare North

The Shakespeare North Playhouse is set to open next year as the City Region boosts UK culture.

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