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Digital: Glossary of Terms

Term Meaning
5G “5th Generation” – the latest wireless cellular technology now being rolled out acrss the UK, which should mean much faster speeds and larger data trasnmission
Accelerator Provide dedicated access to expertise, mentorship, investors, finance and other support to help businesses grow
AI Artificial Intelligence: simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think, learn or solve problems like humans
B2C Businesses selling products and services directly to the consumers who are their end-users.
Backhaul Network The high-capacity digital network that supports the provision of local access connection to homes and businesses, and the rollout of mobile services.
Blockchain A digital record of transactions in which individual records are linked together in single list, called a chain, often used with cryptcurrencies such as Bitcoin
CA Combined Authority – led by Metro Mayor Steve Rotheram and bringing together the Liverpool City Region’s six local authorities
CreaTech Sector In which technology enables new forms of creativity and vice versa
Cross-Sector Digitalisation Helping businesses outside the digital & creative sector to adopt and apply digital technologies
Data Ethics The responsible and sustainable use of data
Dig Once Making the most of a road or path being dug up for one purpose to also do other things (e.g. install digital infrastructure) and so minimise time, cost and disruption
Digital Adoption Taking on board and utilising digital technologies
Digital Inclusion Ensuring that local people and communities have the motivation, means and/or ability to access and afford digital technology and the internet
Digital Infrastructure The physical means and networks – both with and without wires or fibres – by which we can connect and communicate digitally
Digital Poverty Inability to access digital technology or the internet because the cost of equipment or connectivity is prohibitive
Fibre The glass fibreoptic cables that can transfer data at much higher speeds than standard copper
HEI Higher Education Institution = a university
JV A distinct business entity created by two or more parties, generally characterised by shared ownership, returns, risks, and governance
LAs Local Authorities – the six that make up the Liverpool City region are Halton, Knowsley, Liverpool, Sefton, St.Helens, Wirral
LEP Local Enterprise Partnership: an important partner in determining local priorities and activities to drive economic growth
Living Labs Real or virtual environments integrating research and innovation processes to co-create new user-centred solutions to complex societal problems
Local Loop Local digital sub-networks that enable individual users to connect on to the main network
Quantum Computing A relatively new branch of computer technology based on the principles of quantum theory
R&D Research and Development (for creating new products or processes)
Smart City Region Using data and digital technologies to  improve quality of life, health, environment, public services and the economy in a joined-up way across a City Region
Smart Ticketing A reusable, gernally card-based ticketing system used for paying for goods or services such as transport
SME Small to Medium-sized Enterprises, with less than 250 employees
Social Value Contributing to the long-term wellbeing and resilience of individuals, communities and society in general.
STFC Hartree Centre The Hartree Centre hosts high performance computing facilities at SciTech Daresbury, and is part of the Science and Technology Facilities Council, a sub-branch of government body UK Research & Innovation
Tech For Good The use of technology for social good
Technology Diffusion The process by which new technology is shared and adopted for use across different markets
Testbed A place or platform for conducting rigorous testing of new new technologies or scientific theories
UoL University of Liverpool
Wayleave A legal agreement between land owners and those who wish to access their land in order to carry out specified activities such as installing or maintaining equipment



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