Danny Robinson

Danny Robinson

Danny Robinson loves cycling. And he believes in the power cycling to affect change.

His social enterprise company, Peloton Liverpool, uses two wheels to help create a better city region in a number of ways, all working on the principle that grassroots activism changes lives.

“We like to focus on the margins on society,” he says. “addressing issues on the ground to make people’s lives better. I’m keen to get out there into the streets as much as possible.”

“Having worked as a counselor for a number of years I became interested in the idea of bikes as therapy. Not only are they healthier and cleaner, they bring down congestion, provide employment and other people the opportunity to come together socially.”

Peloton is the realisation of Danny’s beliefs and he runs a number of projects across the city region including bike recycling, a ‘last mile’ delivery service (Agile), bike maintenance training, a shop and a BMX pump track cheekily called BMX Box. Danny is particularly proud of his BMX Box project, perched up on high in Everton Park. It’s a tight BMX track serviced by a small team who work out of an old shipping container where the bikes are repaired and stored for kids to use.

“Freshest air in the whole of the city,” says Danny looking down towards the city and the water far below. “BMX Box is great for getting kids more healthy but even more importantly it gives them self-respect, a sense of achievement and the opportunity to be mindful.”

“We’re claiming back the kids that were taken from us by computer games,” he laughs.

As Liverpool City Region moves towards a greener and cleaner future, businesses like Danny’s will benefit from cleaner air produced by the lower emission buses funded as part of the Devolution package.

“Devolution will help shape the way the city functions and moves around,” Danny says, “and that’s important to us as a business. the Metro Mayor has the opportunity to understand and work for local communities in a way that would be impossible for central government.”

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